NYC’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), created under the de Blasio administration, builds on Voluntary Inclusionary Housing (VIH) by making affordable housing mandatory in certain new developments. The percentage of affordable units required by MIH is determined by 4 possible options, ranging from 20-30% of total units, pegged at 40-115% AMI. Both VIH and MIH only apply in areas where the City has chosen to “map” them. Although it is not explicit in the zoning resolution, the City has chosen to only apply them concurrent with upzonings – that is, they will only map MIH where they are already significantly increasing the allowable density (see Floor Area Ratio). Current MIH Options:

Option 1 – 25% of units averaging to 60% AMI (with 10% required at 40% AMI)
Option 2 – 30% of units averaging to 80% AMI
Option 3 (Deep Affordability Option) – 20% of units averaging to 40% AMI
Option 4 (Workforce Option) – 30% of units averaging to 115% AMI

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) is listed under:
Inclusionary Housing
Land Use